a crossover story with Euerka's Jack Carter by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

An artifact studied by Global Dynamics is sent back to Warehouse 13 after an order by Mrs.Fredrick to have it put back and collect an another artifact in its place for more study of the nature of the artifacts and better them shelving storing and neutralizing them. So she orders Eureka's finest, Jack Carter, to help with the artifact and transportation to Global Dynamics. But a big problem shows up and they find out that there is a mole sent by Barlow to lead a team in to break into warehouse 13 to steal some important tech and artifacts. its up to Jack, Artie, Pete and Claudia find the team and disperse of them.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Artifact Being transported to Eureka:

Heinrich Hertz's Battery- A six volt 1800s battery that absorbs all light in a room powered by the battery. This is the artifact that Global Dynamics was studying to to determine the scientific nature of artifacts.

Mention Artifacts:

George Formby's Ukeleli- Generates feelings of mirth in the listeners but constant listening to it causes you to lose touch with reality. Artie told Cater not to touch it because of its effects.

Michael Faraday's Magnetic Stones- The ones that inspired Faraday's work, increases magnetic attraction when rubbed together and when placed on metal it instantly magnetizes it. These are the artifacts that were being returned to the Warehouse.

Mary Somerville's Book- Can grant insight of one persons lifespan as well as see into their future.

William Whewell's Lab Coat - Can unlock 95 percent of the users brain power.

Harry Belafonte's Spotlight - Used by Claudia to save Pete, those who are stuck in the light are compelled to dance and sing "Day-O".

Anne Frank's Star of David Badge- Light bends around the user to make them appear invisible, to hide in plain sight just like Anne Frank did.

Lee Harvey Oswald's Rifle - Seen by Jack Carter in the warehouse.

Roger Bacon's Robe Belt - Increases the users vision to superhuman limits.

Isaac Newton's Cannon Ball - Rids all friction and extremely durable, used to get in the Warehouse.

Josephus' Papyrus Papers- Makes copies of any document.

Jackie Robinson's Baseball- Can shoot up to 100 miles an hour when bounced. accidently avticated by Jack, a baseball fan.