The fourth episode of Assassin Games

Plot SynopisEdit

When a report of escalating violence on the Yale Campus reaches the Warehouse during a game of Assassin, Tyler sets off alone to make sure that his friend, Jake Stellus, is okay.

Afrer meeting with his old friend, Jake enters Tyler into the Assassin Tournement still being held inspite of some of the participants being involved in the increased violence.  After taking out his targets with ease, Tyler is invited by the leader to take on a more challenging target, one of the leaders of the Debate Team.

On his way to 'meet' with him, he finds himself stalked by a person in a grey hoodie.  Ambushing her, Tyler is surprised to find that it's Bri.  She hands him the Sabine, telling him that he's in over his head.  Despite his argues, she reveals that she has also been investigating, primarily the leader of the game.

When the two of them take on the debate team leader, they're surpised to find that he has armed himself with a pistol as he began firing wildly around the room, swearing in Arabic.  After knocking him out with the NERF Maverick, his last words (in English) before blacking out were, "Nothing is real, everything is permitted".  This connected with Arabic leads the two of them to believe that an artifact related to the original assassin, Hassan-i-Sabbath, is loose.

Realizing that the Assassin game is set-up identical to the hierarchy of the hashashin, the confront the leader of the Assassin game who reveals that a week before the incidents, he had been mailed a dagger by a 'person interested in his studies'.  He then discovered that he could use the dagger to control his peers to do his willing, only at the cost of the effects of heavy opium usage.

Outmanuvering him, the agents collected the dagger as the student was suspended from Yale.

Artifact MentionedEdit

Hassan-i-Sabbath's Qama-Allows the user control over his/her peers, but they will carry the order out to the extreme.  Repeated usage leaves them with the effects of heavy opium usage and addiction to using the knife.

Sabine Sound Pistol-The main sidearm of the H.A.R.P. Consultants; used by Bri and Matt

Prototype NERF Maverick-Darts fired from it hit with the force of a bullet