A Story by Wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

During a solo grab, Nick gets kidnapped by James, While the gang tries to find him, he turns up at the Warehouse beaten to death. Pete, Myka and Claudia finally try and bring MacPherson down by trying to find where Nick had been in the last 24 hours.

Mentioned Artifacts:

William Shakespeare's Poison Stage Prop from "Romeo and Juilet"- A Vial of fake poison that came from the first preformed play of Romeo and Juilet. This artifact allows whoever to drink from it to die from unknown causes. First thought that it revives its user, but Artie quickly dismissed that it doesnt revive the person only kills them. Collected by Nick Renson and used to fake his death.

Ezra Meeker's Oregon Trail Beer- Brewed during his first trip on the Oregon Trial. Allows the drinker to recall (In detail) their surroundings in the last 24 hours. Given to Nick for him to recall his kidnapping.

Ludwig II of Bavaria's Cloak- Wearing cloak allows them to reach inside the user's imagination and manipulate it. User can lose touch with reality. Collected by Nick during a solo grab.

The Original Maltese Falcon- Collected in the 1790s by Warehouse 11 agents. Artie said that it has "Elusive Properties". Was used by Nick to get away from MacPherson and automaticlly landed inside Artie's Office dead.

Golden Miniature Dragon Statue- Given to Saint George of Lydda after defeating a dragon that had been terrorizing a local village. The Statue has embeded into its eyes, a pair of ruby eyesockets that incites the sensation of buring alive without acually burning, it will singe your eyebrows a bit. Used by James to torture Nick.

Simurgh Medallion-  Medallion with the depiction of the Mythological Persian Bird: The Simurgh. This artifact alone can allow holder to fly.

Phoenix Medallion- Medallion with the depiction of the Mythological Greek Bird: The Phoenix. This artifact alone can protect the holder from fire.

Bennu Medallion- Medallion with the depiction of the Mythological Egyptian Bird: The Bennu. This artifact alone can bring birds back to life.

Fenghuang Medallion- Medallion with the depiction of the Mythological Chiense Bird: The Fenghuang. This Artifact alone can bring overwhelming power to the holder. Collected by James.

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