A Story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

In the badlands of South Dakota, there is a place that holds supernatural secrets, but can't hold a single cell signal anywhere. Claudia has just got a radio system for her Prius, but the system can't pick up any signals due to a Warehouse system update and repair. So Steve and Pete decide to help Claudia find something to increase her signal output. While rummaging through the warehouse aisles, Pete finds something to help but accidently triggers an artifact that sends Pete, Claudia and Steve jolting back in time to when Pete and Myka where at the warehouse for the first time. They also find out that they can also change the course of history, hopefully they dont screw up their chance of getting hired in the first place.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Robert Frost's Pitchfork- Used by Frost for his farms that he owned. When holding the pitchfork and when reminiscing about past events, the user can travel back to that event and change it. Anyone holding the pitchfork also will travel along with the user. Accidently used by Pete when he saw the Wishing Kettle and thought about the first time in the warehouse.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Edwin H. Armstrong's Radio Parts- Was going to be used for Claudia's prius, increases radio signals.

Howard Carter's Kettle- The origin of the ferret wishing kettle is told by Pete when he read the display card.

Harry Houdini's Wallet- Mentioned only.

Baiju Bawra's Oil Lamp- Produces endless amount of heat and light. Used by Claudia, Steve and Pete when they spent the night at the warehouse.

Horn of Plenty- Makes endless amounts of fruit. Used by Claudia, Steve and Pete when they spent the night at the warehouse.

Clay Tablet- Knocked over and broke by Pete when past Artie was waking past the aisle they were in.

Howard Hughes' Coasters - Cleans toxins from anything that is set on the coaster.

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