• ElsaRules!!!

    So, I was recently rewatching an episode of Rick and Morty (specifically, the episode Something Ricked This Way Comes; the episode is the one involving the devil and cursed objects, for those who don't know the name offhand or haven't seen it) and I realized there are several artifacts that could be directly made from this (as long as doing so isn't some sort of violation of the law). I'm only listing the objects whose effects are mentioned, or at least partially mentioned (since they all appear to have a normal effect/downside notion to them):

    • A cologne which attracts women to men but causes impotency
    • A microscope which causes the user to be able to see things beyond comprehension but drastically lowers the user's I.Q.
    • A typewriter that allow…
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  • SarahmHolmes


    August 29, 2017 by SarahmHolmes


    Edit: Any help with these ideas would be extremely helpful. The artifacts themselves are from the anime Black Butler.


    Mey Rin's glasses:

    Abilities: Causes user to become extremely skilled in handling and firing sniper rifles and other similar guns, but only in the presence of one.

    Downsides: Causes binocular vision, leading to severe clumsiness.

    Note: The ability counteracts the side effect. (Exactly how is something that needs to be worked out.)


    Finnian's Hair Clips

    Abilities: Gives the user super strength and a love of nature.

    Downsides: The user become unable to do most gardening related activities without breaking items in their immediate general vicinity.

    Note: Bifurcated.

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  • Garr9988

    Some Suggestions?

    June 15, 2015 by Garr9988

    So, I kinda want to get back into the swing of RPing, and although Garrett's dead, we still have flashbacks. His big two mooments so far have both been sad, and I've noticed that some (ot ar least one) of you desire a happy story with Garrett's character. So, how about a happy flashback RP? I would like suggestions, and you guys can vote on which one we should do.

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  • Helenna A-114

    YAY! The Wiki has been updated! Ok. so, let me get to it, everytime I do a updated(s) I will post a blog to tell you! lol, I have nothing better to do with my time, so yes! also! you want to make a short story? but you don't want to make a page because then someone chould edit it? MAKE A BLOG! you can only edit it then, AND its grate for making short stories! lol, so back to the update! do ya like it? do ya like the old one or the new one?

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  • Helenna A-114

    I would...

    August 20, 2012 by Helenna A-114

    I would just like to thank everyone who has been coming here for making this Wiki work. I will be doing some updates and all that jazz to the wiki, and also, if anyone of you who have over 70 edits (For now) would like Mod ship or anyone who has over 100 edits (Also for now) would like to become a Admin, please, please, PLEASE, ask, the whost that will happen is that I may (Or we) maybe after more edits, but because I haven't been on this wiki alot, I would like to have some other people on here to look over and keep watch and fix anything that has been spamed. So PLEASE please please please, ask!

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