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Story SummaryEdit

Pete and Myka investigate an artifact that is draining the blood out of people (killing them) to access their bank accounts. Nick goes on his first mission which may cost him his life.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Vlad the Impaler's Spear - Used by Vlad on his first reign, this artifact drove him insane as well as ruthless. The main reason why he was called the impaler, when stabbed by the spear the user can drain the victims blood through the spear into the bearer and give them enhanced mental and physical strength with every use. The spear also increases endorphins so the user never wants to give it away.

Mentioned Artifacts:

John William Polidori's Bookcase - User can smell and taste blood from miles away.

Bela Lugosi's Cape - Vampire artifact.

Max Schreck's Fake Teeth- A set of teeth that were used to configure the german actor into a monster. Does the same to the user.

Richard Chase's Steak Knife- An artifact that exhibits the same effect as Vlad's spear, with more horrible results.

Clock Face and Hands from the Original Big Ben- Made by a english architect named Augustus Pugin in the 19th century. Turns back time for only 12 hours and 19 seconds in any point in history. Then the user of the hands are then thrusted into the original time line. A very dangerous artifact.

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