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Story Summary Edit

Even though Peter Landens is in Guantonamo Bay, he is still causing havoc around the warehouse. He has plan to use an artifact lost along with the first warehouse to resurrect an old friend to carry out his devious plot to take the warehouse and with the help from his ally Juan Morez. The gang must go find the first warehouse and find the artifact before they find it.

Artifacts and Gadgets MentionedEdit

Main Artifacts:

Alexander the Great's Ashes-Only Alexander the Great knows exactly where the first warehouse is. Contained in a canopic jar, these ashes have the essence of Alexander the Great and can be used to bring back the mindset of him.

Cuff of Anubis- Obtained by Alexander the Great in 336 B.C., around the time the first warehouse was built next to his palace. This artifact gave much power and made him invincible, but the artifacts downside got the best of him and killed him. Antipater (Co-founder of warehouse 1) sent away this artifact to the Libary of Alexandria. Using the cuff with the ashes can bring back the mindset of him. Mentioned Artifacts and Gadgets:

Artie's O.I.L. Gun- The oil gun stands for Oxygen Insertion Laser, used by Artie to fix the fish in several accounts for the school of salmon in Lake Polonoisus.

School of Salmon- Artie stated that the whole school of salmon was an artifact, effect unknown.

Ruins of the City of Atlantis- Effect unknown.

Lake Polonoisus- Located on the southwestern side of the Warehouse blocked off by mountains, houses artifacts that are very dangerous when dry. Named after a regent in 578 A.D.

Original Dead Sea Scrolls- Leaks out saltwater, the water will try to find the nearest body of fresh water. Sometimes it will leak into the system pipes and into Polonoisus.

Theodore Roosevelt's Glasses- Viewing them through the glasses turns everything infrared. Can also work for artifacts emitting energy signatures. Used by Nick (Alexander the Great) to locate the first warehouse.

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