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Story SummaryEdit

It's a bit of a normal day at the warehouse and Nick is doing inventory in the Bronze sector for Artie. While checking on the other bronzed recipients, he finds one, not cataloged. Finding this the gang tries to find out who this mystery person is. H.G. Wells recognizes the mystery person as Vincent McHastings, a Warehouse agent and a brilliant inventor who helped Nikola Tesla and even Thomas Edison with some of his inventions. After a long time of arguing the gang decides to debronze him. Steve and Claudia are sent to Evansville, Indiana to investigate a ping that involves a person who everone they touch goes insane then dying of suicide.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact for Steve and Claudia:

Ted Bundy's Bracelet- A bracelet with 6 red colored beads when he was in prison, even wore it on the electric chair. When he was in the electric chair the bracelet artifact was born, as he was being fried his tendencies were absorbed and imprinted into the bracelet. Wearing the bracelet will not turn the user insane but anyone touching the hand with the bracelet on can turn insane even to the point of suicide.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Leif Ericson's Helmet- Causes all who touch the helmet to become enraged and enter into fight mode and want to pilage villages. Mentioned Artifact.

Edward Oxford's Bullets- Causes mass insanity. In the Warehouse.

Leo Tolstoy's Globe- Spinning globe sends out pulses of negative energy that causes people effected to argue and bicker to the point of fighting. Mentioned Artifact.

Nicholas Copernicus' Planetary Models- Used by Copericus to show his heliocentric theory; Creates its own gravtional pull. Collected and Used by Vincent McHastings

Vincent McHastings' Transverciving Device- An ancient cellphone, basically. It was invented in 1895 by Alexander Gram Bell helped by Vincent McHastings and Nicola Tesla. Uses radio waves to contact others originally as a mode of communcation by Warehouse 12 and Early Warehouse 13 Agents until the Farnsworth was invented.

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