Seventh episode of 'Moth Shall Play'

Plot SynopisEdit

With no pings for the H.A.R.P. consultants, Tyler was tasked with taking Schrodinger's Cat, Shodi into the vet for a check-up.  Wearing a neutralizer collar, Tyler took him into town, but as Kelly Hernandez took the cat's collar off, he sprinted out the doors.  Now with a hydrocyanic acid furred cat running around town, the H.A.R.P. team is forced to take to their own backyard to find the cat before anyone gets burned.

When the consultants managed to find the cat, they found in the arms of floral shop employee Nikki Nola, who for some reason wasn't being burnt by the fur.  Learning that she to had a downside negation ability as well, Leena took her in as a consultant as well.  What Leena didn't tell the others consultants was that her mom was a Warehouse Agent who has been MIA for the past dozen years...

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Schrodinger's Cat- Collected back in the 1935, the cat, known as Shodi by the Warehouse Staff, gives of amounts of hydrocyanic fur.  The cat is neither dead or alive, but rather in a state of limbo.

Schrodinger Cat's Collar- While a Dark Vault-level on its own, when put on Schrodinger's Cat, they cancel each other out, leaving the Agean cat to appear alive, well, and non-acidic.

Sacgewea's Indian Peace Medal- When used, the wearer gain intensive knowledge of the surrrounding area, but can only speak in Shoshone.  Used by Bri to search every corner of Univille.

New CharactersEdit

Nikki Nola: Working at the floral shop in Univille, Nikki was unaware of the Warehouse, her mother's past, and her own abilities until she found Schrodinger's cat behind the shop.  Picking him up, she could sense the acid in his fur, so she held on to the cat for safe keeping until the H.A.R.P consultants found her.