Story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

Something odd is going down at the warehouse causing the Greek artifacts to run wild, a surge caused by an artifact causes the warehouse controls to be fried and out of order. Chaos reigns again.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifacts causing disturbances:

Augustus' Gorgoneion Amulet- When the artifact is in contact with Marcus Brutus' Dagger it explodes with massive amounts of negative energy.

Marcus Brutus' Dagger- Used to kill Caesar, explodes with massive amounts of negative energy when in contact with Augustus' Gorgoneion Amulet.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Persephone's Pomgrante Seeds- The seeds that Persephone ate and Hades tricked her with.

Achilles' Sandel- Worn by the invincible Achilles, makes the user invincible but the heel is left vulnerable.

Water from the River of Styx- Drinking the water can revive the dead.

Crown of King Minos- A living death artifact, can bring back the dead in its most hideous form.

Pete Conrad's Space Boots- Creates the same effect of walking on the moon, alters density.

St. Lucia's Skull- Burns the wielders lovers eyes out. When exposed to enough negative energy it can create a weakened verson of the effect in a energy field.

Homer's Scrolls- Can create fanastical stories out of nothing. Simple stories can be effected to.

Diodorus Siculus' Slate- Effect Unknown.

Statue of Euryale- Sister of Medusa, this statue is harmless unless activated, when active the artifact can paralyze anything in its gaze.

John Henry's Hammer- Increases impact from hammer ten times as much, but does damage to your skeletal system.

Pecos Bill's Lasso- Artifact with the ablity to conjure tornados and control them, in the same aisle as John Hernry's Hammer.

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