Still recovering from the loss of Lena, the HARP Consultants prepare to go to Wootstock to cash in on an artifact that Tyler won from Wil Wheaton, the Fiasco Dice.

After collecting the artifacts, the Consultants split-up to enjoy the convention, but things started to go south as they noticed a group of Cosplayers slowly being drawn together, each of them wearing outfits based on the characters from the webseries 'The Guild'.

Realizing that a real life raid could happen if the six cosplayers were to meet, the Consultants split up to slow them down and goo the artifacts


  • The Guild Artifacts: (main artifact) Imbues the user with not only the class power of their character, but as a downside they develop the quirks of the characters
    • Codex's Staff
    • Zaboo's Stave
    • Clara's Wand
    • Tinkerbella's Bow
    • Bladezz's Sickles
    • Vork's Broadsword
  • Fiasco Dice: (secondary artifact) Won by Tyler in a game of Munchkin against Wheaton.  Dice are imbued with the plot of the Fiasco story told on the TableTop Episode.  Pinged when Alison Haislip was nearly crushed by a chandiler


  • The Cosplay the Consultants we as was Castle Crashers, each one using the respected artifact of their knight
    • Tyler: Green Knight
    • Bri: Blue Knight
    • Matt: Orange Knight
    • Nikki: Red Knight