A story by Wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

Trains derailing in Alberqurque, New Mexico containing a former mob member, bring up trouble for the Feds and the Warehouse. The search narrows it down to a man in a red suit derailing the trains with an artifact.

Artifact MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Casey Jones' Pocketwatch- Clicking open the pocketwatch combined with the will of the user can electrify the rails of a train and cause it to go to extreme levels, eading to it tipping over.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Richard Trevithick's Iron Rails- Myka thought that they had switched it out by the mob. Possible artifact.

Willam Murdoch's Boiler- In the Warehouse.

Jimmie Rodger's Railbrake- An artifact in the Warehouse.

Nathan Coker's Apron- Used by a blacksmith slave in the early 1800s who was intolerant of fire. When worn, the user can withstand heat up to 5000 degrees. But in contact with colder objects, the user will experience third degree burns. Used to by Pete to withstand the heat in the boiler room.

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