Third episode of 'Moths Shall Play'

Episode SynopisEdit

When reports of localized windstorms during bank robberies coming out of Greece ping the Warehouse, the H.A.R.P. agents are sent out to investigate.  Using the governemental channels they go in and work along side the local law enforcement.

As they investigated, Bri noticed heavy water damage to the bank as well.  After a bit, a positive ID was made on the thief.  Splitting up, Bri went to go talk to the thief's family while Matt and Tyler staked out the next possible bank.

While talking to the family, Bri found out that the thief's acheological dig had recently lost funding and he had become infuriated with the banks.  It was when she learned that the dig site was in search for Hero's lost lab, she attempted to warn the other agents, but it was too late.

Tyler and Matt found themselves in a powerful windstorm, taking cover behind a counter as the thief calmly walked across the bank holding an early steam engine.  As Bri showed up, she had Tyler distract him as Matt, wearing Giovanni Malatesta's Gloves to evaporate the rest of the water in the Aeropile, causing it to stop.

After the thief was arrested, the H.A.R.P. agents enjoyed a nice meal of gyros before heading home.

Arifacts MentionedEdit

Hero's Aeropile-Generates gale force winds in a localized area as long as it is spun.  Causes heavy water damage in the area as well

Sabine Sound Pistol-The main sidearm of the H.A.R.P. Consultants; used by Bri and Matt

Prototype NERF Maverick-Darts fired from it hit with the force of a bullet

Giovanni Malatesta's Gloves-Heat up to a hellfire temperature, capable of melting metal in a heartbeat.  Used to evaporate the water in the Aeropile

Original Skeleton Key-Unlocks any tumbler-based lock; used by Bri to get into the bank when it went into lockdown

Quotable QuotesEdit

  • "Sir, bank robberies are not unusual.  Bank robberies where miniature tornados come in and tear the place up on the other hand..."  --Consultant Bri Rependata to Greece's police chief