Story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

An artifact at Comic Con is altering reality and changing everything, even the world around them. The mystrious stranger lends a hand to Pete and Myka.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Gary Gyrax's Typewriter- The co-creator of the Dungeons and Dragon game in the 70's, using the typewriter alters realty to what the user wants and thinks about, activated by typing on the artifact, it then attaches itself to the users imagination and is then activated by thought.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Jerry Siegal's Sketch 'Book- Mentioned by Artie when talking about Comic Con, it can increase the readers strength but decreases brain activity.

Frans Masereel's Burin - Makes amazing detailed woodcut of its wielder or out of the users imagination.

Salvador Dali's Paintbrush- Artifact with the ablity to alter and literally melt reality. Mentioned artifact.

Elijah's Cup- Placing your finger and moving it around the rim causes massive fireballs to form and fall from the sky. Given to Pete and Myka by the mystrious stranger as a gift. Said he found it in New Orleans in a voodoo shop.

Hitoshi Christopher Nikaidoh's Elevator Suspension Wires- Wires from the elevator that sliced his head open, bending the wires creates the same effect.

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