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In North Carolina, a circus family of four are going from no-nothings to world renowned celebrities in a matter of days, Pete, Myka and Steve investigate the sudden fame. Claudia and Nick travel to Las Vegas to find out why people are drowning in the desert.

Artifacts Mentioned: Edit

Main Artifacts for Pete, Myka and Steve:

Antonio Stradivari's Violin Strings -Taken off his first violin, the strings wound up into a bracelet that gives its wearer complete harmonic balance and thus increasing the users sense of balance and depth perception, activates when the user sings. One of the artifacts used to help Alice Linch on her failing trapeze act.

John "Liver-Eating" Johnson's Axe- Owned by a notorious mountaineer in the mid-1800s. Enables the wielder of the axe to become increasingly strong and taller, they also become a bottomless pit, but are afraid of native americans. Used by Irving Linch to become a big strongman.

C.S. Lewis' Tie- Allows the wearer to contact frends and family through thought, but gives the user mild headaches. Used by the mother of Alice and Irving Linch, Martha Linch to tell what her children to do.

Main Artifact for Nick and Claudia:

Calypso's Conch- Used by the sea nymph in greek myththogy. Activates around distraught couples; when a couple argues, the one who leaves the area of the conch first is effected. They drown in salt water that only forms inside the lungs.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Davy Jones' Locker- Mentioned by Nick, in the warehouse.

Evangelista Torricelli's Locket- Turns water into oxygen. When placed on the skin it turns the water into breathable air. Used by Nick to save Claudia.

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