Story SummaryEdit

Nick, Pete and Myka go to Germany to invesigate people who are having major cases of amniesa, thats affecting alot of people in the surrounding area. Artie and Claudia try to help a former regent to get back into the warehouse, because of a secret that has driven him away from the warehouse for 30 years.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Kaspar Hauser's Knife- This knife was used during his murder and aborbed his pain and the things he had regressed. When a cut by the artifact the knife stores the memories of the effected. Main Artifact fro Nick, Pete and Myka.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Original Seven League Boots- Used by Nick to grab his bag of artifacts from the warehouse, because he forgot them when realized that they were still at the warehouse. Allows wearer to run at 1400 mph per second.

Joan of Arc's Chain Mail - Effects Unknown. Mentioned but never used. Told Myka never to touch it.

Robin Hood's Arrow - In Nicks bag of artifacts. Acts as a dowsing rod for gold and jewels.

Anne Sullivan's Doll - Increases the sence of touch and smell ten times as much. When held tightly it can allow the person holding it to retain memory, like a with a person with Alstimers.

Box of Crayons- Effect unknown. Seen in Nicks bag.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi's Stamp - Absorbs all fire around the user and extreme sonic sound waves rendering a explosion null and void. One of Nicks artifacts.

Chesty Puller's Bullet Shells- Tapping two bullets together sends out a omidirectional shock wave that can disable anything within 100 yards. Kepted in Nicks bag of artifacts and used once when Claudia and Him were collecting Stanley Kramer's Flim Reel.

Stanley Kramer's Flim Reel - Original Film Reel of "Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" Watching from this reel turns honest people into greedy and dishonest people, prone to stealing, ranting and at some point Killing. Placed in the Dark Vault.

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