Story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

Pete and Myka look for an artifact that is making people disappear into thin air in Dallas, Texas. On the other side of the pond, Steve and Claudia look for a man in Switzerland that is moving buildings with his mind.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact for Pete and Myka:

Ambrose Bierce's Skull- Founded by Daniel Fay in Chihuahua at a digging site. When used it can drain Will and the Soul from people when the user asks questions about them, for the artifact to work they must be depressed. Downsides of the artifact is the user can become more angry at the world and cause them to want to want to drain more people.

Main Artifact for Steve and Claudia:

Alice Bailey's Necklace- An artifact that allows temporary telepathy in the user. But they must have at least seven people looking at the bearer. The more people watching the more powerful they become.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Jimmy Hoffa's Comb - When combed through the hair the user will disappear the next day with only clothes left behind. Artie mentioned that it could be the artifact.

Willam Lindenberg's Baby Shoes- Artifact that deals in disappearing. Effect unknown.

Joesph Force Crater's Gavel- Artifact that deals in disappearing. Effect unknown.

John Cabot's Map- Artifact that deals in mass disappearances. Effect unknown, but was snagged in Warehouse 9.

Dorothy Arnold's Bonnet- Artifact that deals in disappearing. Effect unknown.

Poppa Neutrino's Oar- Instills a warm happy feeling in the wielder. Myka used this to counteract the effects of the skull.

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