This is the sixth episode of 'Moths Shall Play"

Plot SynopisEdit

After returning from collecting Has Christian Orsted's Compass, the H.A.R.P. consultants were tasked with shelving the artifact.  Sadly, the placement of the artifact was a few feet off, causing it to complete a triangle with two other electromagentic artifacts, Volta's Lab Coat and Faraday's Horseshoe Magnets, with the Original Empire State Building's Spire in the center, causing a massive electrical storm across the Warehose.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Hans Christian Orsted's Compass- Generates a powerful negative magnetic force that's capable of distrupting electomagentic waves and Farnsworth signals

Volta's Lab Coat

Faraday's Horseshoe Magnets- So perfectly made, one generates a powerful positive charge with a 50 mile range while the other generates a powerful negative charge of equal range.

Original Empire State Building Spire- After being struck so many times, the spire began spewing out it's own lightning at anything that got near it.  It acted like the lightning rod, attacting the electromagentic energy and concentrating them.

Bahgdad Batteries- Considered to act as a way to collect the electrical energy to harness at a later date

Samuel Ruben's Duracell Batteries- Acting as a black hole of eletrical energy, the batteries are capable of absorbing any amount of electricity aimed at it.  Used to absorb the spare electrical energy arcing out.

Quotable QuotesEdit

  • "You could have told us about your metal fillings before he used you as grapeshot!"
"How was I supposed to know the guy would sneak up behind me?" -Tyler to Matt when shelving the compass
  • "Save the electric puns for later zappy" -Bri to Matt as they approach the spire


  • Most of the artifacts in the episode are credited to wiki user PeterMess.  He gave Affectos the ideas for the Faraday, Duracell Batteries, Empire State Spire.