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Story SummaryEdit

Pete and Myka go to New Jersey to investigate the disappearances of peoples hearts, with no visual extraction points. Steve and Claudia find out a there's a bit of a problem with the warehouse computers hard-drive.

Artifacts and Parts of the Warehouse ShownEdit

Main Artifact:

Christiaan Barnard's Scalpel - Used by Christiaan to perfom the first heart to heart surgry, by thought the user can use the scalpel as a antennae to teleport the heart of someone else and have it appear in the users hand.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Jimmy Durante's Cigar - When smoked from the cigar the users nose grows. To reverse the effect the user must say " Ah-cha-cha-cha-cha".

Pipe Organ from Diana's Funeral - Plays by its self when something dies in a 20 foot radius. Played at Princess Diana's funeral.

Electrical Tape - When taped around the users arm it can block all electrical input.

Original Slinky - Attracted to a fun loose spirited person, when called to it can come to life and entangle anything its user commands it to.

Durham Boat- Used in 1776 by George Washington in the crossing of the Delaware.

Francisco Pizarro's Compass - Used by Pizarro to increase his chance to find new worlds, but got him stabbed in the throat in the process. Grants the user extreme luck or fortune but by obtaining your fortune it quickly turns into a unfortunate fate or death.

Warehouse 13 Sectors:

Warehouse Computing Unit- A massive collection of hardrives containing the data from all artifacts and information within the warehouse, a total of 257 hardrives.

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