story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

Strange eletromagnetic bursts? Pete and Myka are on the case! Hunting down a rogue artifact in New York and discover someone's watching the warehouse.

Artifacts and Parts of the warehouse shownEdit

Main Artifact:

John Bardeen's Radio - The artifact is activated by radio waves, outputing energy in constant waves of eletromagnetic energy. Deactivated by overloading its transistors.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Steve Jobs' Hardrive - Used on the farnsworth by the mystrious stranger that was helping Pete and Myka, the hardrive filters eletromagnetic waves.

Archimedes' Bathtub - Could have caused the mystrious eletromagnetic disturbances.

Karl Ferdinand Braun's Cathode Tube- Could have caused the disturbances.

Sputnik's Antenna- Possible artifact mentioned by Artie. Said it can pull down radio waves.

Warehouse Sections:

Library of Alexandria Ruins and Archives- Houses the various ruins of the first warehouse and contains Alexzander the Greats ashes in a canopic jar, stated by Artie to never be opened no matter what.

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