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Story SummaryEdit

Artie sends Pete and Myka to the Caribbean islands to investigate a long chain of events on a couple of cruiseships that are turning the guests into shriveled up bodies of skin and bones. Back at the warehouse Artie finds that an artifact missing from the warehouse shelves since 1919 and is active wreaking havoc in a aisle that no one has been in for years, Claudia, Steve and Nick are send to neutralize the dangerous artifact and store it.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact for Pete and Myka:

Niels Finsen's Lighter- Light from the lighter can increase the bodies melanin production giving them the perfect tan. But prolonged use of tanning with artifact can lead to radiation poisoning and dehydration.

Artifact missing from inside the warehouse:

John, King of England's Throne- This artifact was collected in the 9th warehouse, when the 13th warehouse was being built alot of artifacts were being transfered in the process of excavating the 12th warehouse. The aisle of Richard-James 4456-G in Warehouse 12, and it was lost in the mail. When the artifact is active it can control people and objects that has touched the throne or objects that has touched the throne before.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Frankie Avalon's Suntan Lotion- Mentioned to be the artifact by Pete.

Minamoto no Yoritomo's Katana - When held, it drains all blood and fluids through the blade of the sword when held from the handle. Collected by Claudia and Steve in Tokyo, Japan. Set in the Dark vault.

Richard Drew's Original Masking Tape- Traps energy sources. Used on the Katana so it wouldn't kill Steve before storing it.

Original Magna Carta- Located in the warehouse, used to neutralize the throne.

Tom Ketchum's Hat- In aisle Johnson 274392-J, found on the floor when Artie was heading down to the Madrid section where the throne was last seen. Cut the users head off.

Luigi Lucheni's Dagger- Can allow the holder of the knife to increase the pain factor of anyone they think of. But makes the user very angry and unruly to others and can lead to the want of killing government officals and monarchy kings and queens. Collected by an agent in 1940s and in the same aisle of the hat.

Jar of Peaches- Effected by the Throne.

Magnifying Glass- Effected by the Throne.

Quartz Chalice- Effected by the Throne.

Otto Lilienthal's Hang Glider- Used to escape the aisles of the Mandrid section. Attracts air and creates low pressure in an instant. Prone to crashes and pliots itself.

Xiahou Dun's Eyepatch and Glass Eye - Using the eyepatch can let the person see what the glass eye sees. The glass eye was lost in the Madrid section when the throne was lost. The eyepatch was in Artie's office.

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