Fifth episode of 'Moths Shall Play'

Plot SynopisEdit

Despite having collected another weapon artifact, Leena has the teens go undercover at the Blackpool Dance Festival due to several dancers becoming parapelgics due to a lack of sensation in their legs.

Going in, the plan was to have Bri and Matt act as two 'replacement' dancers, gathering information from backstage while Tyler investigated from the management end.

As Bri and Matt rushed to learn the Paso Doble, they learned that all of the other dancers, while specialized in other areas, suffered during a Paso Doble routine.  Tyler's investigation turned up that no one had it in for the dancers, but as he watched and re-watched the dances, he could sensed a connecting thread, but couldn't put his finger on it.

After a dress rehersal, Matt began to loose sensation in his lower legs.  Realizing that he had somehow becom affected by the artifact, Tyler was forced to take his spot in the dance with only 3 hours to spare.

During their performance, Bri sensed an artifact very close by to them as they paso'ed across the floor.  Near the end of the dance, Tyler glanced over his shoulder at the cape he was wearing, and a name came to mind, Christopher Reeves.  As the dance ended, Tyler too felt the effects kicking in as his feet began to fall asleep.  Confronting the costume designer, they found out that he had been rigging the competition so that his sone could win by planting the cape in every Paso Doble dance.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Christopher Reeve's Superman Cape- causes the nerve endings in the victim's spine to die off, causing the user to loose all sensation in their legs.  If not neutalized, the victim will become a parapelegic.

Coco Chanel's Handbag - allows the user to alter their wardrobe in anyway, giving them infinite outfit choices.

Antonietta Dell'Era's Ballet Slippers gives the user great dancing skill while creating a dusting of snow

Sabine Sound Pistol -The main sidearm of the H.A.R.P. Consultants; used by Bri and Matt

Quotable QuotesEdit

  • "Paso Doble...Salsa...Flamenco...Tango..." (Bri and Matt stare at him) "What?  I've watched 16 of Dancing with the Stars." -Tyler volenteering to take Matt's spot.
  • "Follow my lead.  I've sort of done this before."-Tyler leading during the dance
  • "My turn, follow my lead." -Bri rushing to the costume room