"A New Sheriff in Town" a Eureka crossover with Jack Carter

"Unknown Truth" a N.C.I.S crossover

"Asking Price" a Pawn Stars cameo. crossover

"Mind over Matter" a Alphas crossover

"All That Remains" a Bones crossover

"Lost in the Music" a C.S.I cameo

Season 1 FanFic EpisodesEdit


"Seeing Stars"


"Clash of the Artifacts"




"Fact or Fiction"

"Keeping Secrets"

"Sudden Death"

"Total Control"


"Blood Money"

"Past Ties"

"What Goes Up"

"Acting the Part"

"Making Amens"

"Breaking News"


"What if"

"Independence Day"

"Seeing the Real Picture"



"Into the Night"

"A Deal With God"


Christmas Episode:

"On the Thirteenth Day Of Christmas"

Season 2 FanFic EpisodesEdit

"New Beginnings"


"Family Troubles"

"Killer Abroad"

"Forget Me Not"


"Friend Or Foe"


"Old Friends"

"Back In The Saddle"

"Ashes to Ashes"

"The End Begins"

"Phantoms Past"

"Back to the Basics"

"Laughing Without a Cause"

"Groundhog Day"


"Bronzed "


"Vengence "

"Rumble in the Jungle"

"Back Track"


"Lock Down"

Season 3 Fanfic EpisodesEdit

"Welcome to the Club"


"As You Like It"

"There Be Giants"

"Light Fight"


"Stable Condition"

"Cause & Effect"

"Cross the List"

"Founder's Defect"

"Sūpā Sōko Anime"

"Field of Sight"


Season 5 (After Episode 6)Edit

After Season 5, Episode 6 of the Canon Storyline, this continues the story of Warehouse 13.

"Welcome Home"


None yet!