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Story Summary Edit

As the gang copes with the betrayal of Nick, Artie finds out that his father has hold of an artifact that threatens his life and Arties as well.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Ferdinando de' Medici's Piano- When played, the artifact infects the user with a great love of music, then takes the emotions and absorbs it into the strings of piano. Eventually the artifact absorbs the energy of the user and only the user after connected.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Orpheus' Lyre - An artifact with abilty to bring a person back to life, but takes the life of the player. Artie wanted to use it on his father if he dies.

Zororoaster's Bones- An artifact that can bring back the dead. Mentioned instead of Orpheus' Lyre.

Lazarus of Bethany's Grave Clothes- A resurrection artifact.

Pope Leo XIII's Rosary- An artifact that can summon the dead but not resurrect them.

Joseph of Arimathea's Tomb Rock- Rock that covered up the tomb of Jesus, it has the power to take life away from the user.

Alexander Fleming's Beaker - When water is placed in the beaker the water turns to penicillin.

Jack Kevorkian's Otoscope- A suicide artifact, mentioned only.

Unknown Tech:

Plasmic Tesla Gun- An undermined never found tech of Nikola Tesla revamped by Nick, a improved version of the tesla with more kick then two teslas combined and entraps them in a static plasmic bubble. Used by Nick to stop Pete and Myka from going any further.

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