'Moths Shall Play' is the pilot episode of the series 'Moths Shall Play'

Short SynopisEdit

Three teens with troubled pasts are called to Univille at the request of Leena.  There they learn about the world of Artifacts and are put into the Warehouse's third-party agency, the Historical Artifact Recovery Personnel.  After recieving their gear, they're quickly sent out to Egypt to collect Brutus's Dagger that is to be used as a peace gift between the Prime Ministers of Egypt and Lybia.

Primary CastEdit

Tyler Lepido : 17 year old boy from Tallahasse who has the ability to pin down the origin of an artifact.  Also has a 90% downside reduction rate.

Bri Rependata : a 17 year old girl from Rhode Island who can tell if an item is an artifact or not.  Also has a 90% Afrifact downside reduction rate.

Matt Sordens : a 16 year old boy from Boston who can diagnose the effects and downsides of aftifacts by seeing them in action.  Also has a 90% Artifact downside reduction rate.

Leena: Owner of the Bed & Breakfast the Warehouse uses, and also the leader of H.A.R.P. Iniative.

Mrs. Frederic: Guardian of the Warehouse and Leena's superior

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Brutus's Dagger-Main artifact of the episode; when touched, the user will be driven to kill a close friend

Sabine Sound Pistol-The main sidearm of the H.A.R.P. Consultants; used by Bri and Matt

Prototype NERF Maverick-fDarts fired from it hit with the force of a bullet; used by Tyler to knock down the person fleeing with the dagger.

Salvador Dali's Paintbrush-When swept across an object, it becomes as plyable as playdoh; used by Tyler to break into a car used to escape in.

Rod Serling's Cigarette Case - When someone inhales smoke from a cigarette stored in it, the victims see and react to the smoker's worse nightmare; used by Tyler to incapictate two guards

Bullock's Gavel Robert Bullock's Gavel - When struck against an object, all the sound is sucked out of the surrounding area and released in a powerful soundwave; used by Matt to breakdown a door

Giovanni Malatesta's Gloves - Heat up to a hellfire temperature,capable of melting metal in a heartbeat; used by Matt to bypass a locked door 

Oda Nobunaga's Tabi Sandals - Induce a deathly fear into people that the wearer deems as enemies; worn by Matt to prevent to armed guards from shooting at them

Sacagewea's Indian Peace Medal - Gives the wearer instant knowledge of the surrounding area, but are forced to speak Shashone; used by Bri to guide them thorugh the capital without alerting the guards

Original Skeleton Key - Unlocks any tumbler-based lock; used by Bri to start the get-away car after Matt and Tyler destoryed the other doors she could have used them on.

Bass Reeve's U.S. Marshal Badge - Repels any bullets fired at the wearer, used by Bri to cover the Consultant's escape.