Story SummaryEdit

People in Oregon are feeling that they are trying to kill themselfs in their sleep, Artie and Nick think that a Artifact is involved there. Pete and Myka feel that they need a much needed break from the Warehouse so Artie tags along with Claudia and Nick to retrive the Artifact. During this grab Artie and Nick become more like teammates, leaving Claudia in the shadows.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact for Nick, Artie and Claudia:

Carl Gustav Jung's Cuckoo Clock - This Clock belonged to the famous Swiss psycotherapist Carl Jung. Whoever touches the clock, feels the urge to sleep. But while in this dream state the victim becomes suicidal and will go to great lengths to kill themselves. Collected By Nick, Artie and Claudia.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Irish Washing Rag- Holding rag allows the user to cry tears of acid. Origin unknown, but came from Ireland.

Icarus' Chains- Effect Unknown. But in Nicks Bag of Artifacts

Kay Kāvus's Throne- Steve called Artie and asked what to do with it because it was flying around the Warehouse. Putting eagle feathers on it will Neutrize the Artifact.

George Cayley's Coat- Nick told Steve to use it to catch the throne.

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