A story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

Artie's former partner James McPherson has been resurrected by Juan Morez and is starting back at stealing artifacts, but as things unfold they find out that he's not selling them but keeping them for a devious plot unknown to the warehouse team.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact: The Phoenix- Owned by Rames, the phoenix is acually a set of nine medallions. All are artifacts and almost all lost, the warehouse has the only one.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Willam Sommer's Marotte- Looking at the heads eyes can let the user get away with anything but insults, when the user insults them they then want to kill them.

Sophie Lyons's White Gloves- Big criminal in the late 19th century. Enables the wearer to unlock the most complicated locks and vaults in seconds. Used by Martha Gray (accomplice of James McPherson).

Rip Taylor's Confetti Cannon- Is a tiny little hand cannon, when shot out it packs a punch that renders people immobile.

Ivory Tusk Spear- Belonged to the elephant Hannibal was riding. Effect unknown.

Roman Candles- Effect Unknown.

Joseph Fourier's Pocketknife - Artifact found in a bag of James' stolen artifacts. Increases the surface temperature of anything the blade touches. Was in the warehouse.

Lottery Ticket, Circa 1950s - Gives its wielder extreme amounts of impossible luck and fortune, but they get mind-boggling greedy and eventually have a stroke. Was in the warehouse.

Theseus' Ship- Stored in the warehouse, anything attached to the ship or on the ship for long literally becomes part of the ship.

Roll of Pennies- A roll of pennies that was in the great depression and majorly caused it, in the bag of artifacts that was stolen from the warehouse.

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