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Story SummaryEdit

Shan-Queben and Zen Duo-Cing are Warehouse 7 Regents recovering an artifact that threatens the leadership of Genghis Khan and possibly the warehouse. Armed with certain techniques and artifacts this old team tries to stop the bearer from getting his hands on the warehouse and Genghis Khan.

Artifacts Mentioned and Parts of Warehouse 7 ShownEdit

Main Artifact:

Arrow of Alan Gua- An ancient Mongolian arrow made from different tribes around Mongolia, has the power to control nature. This artifact killed Genghis Khan when it made his horse attack him.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Stones from the Great Wall of China- Collected by the Mongols as a souvenir by a soldier when it was attacked. Recovered when the stones started attacking Mongolians.

Maui's Fishhook- Creates islands. Mentioned by Oui-Ben.

Hermes' Sandals- One the man in red was wearing to get away, can increase the users abilty to jump and grant temporary flight.

Paris' Arrow- The artifact used by Oui-Ben to stop the perp with a blast of light and a quick shot.

Horus' Boat- An boat that never sinks and can float in mid air.

Lucius Apuleius' Pet Donkey Hoofs- Inspired the story of The Metamorphus of Apuleius and makes the user act like a donkey.

Sandstone bricks from the Pyramid of Giza- Effect unknown but Queben said it was their hardest find.

King Solomon's Gold Coins- Causes the user to become increasingly evil and greedy and turns your back on others.

Judas Iscariot's Silver Pieces - Used by Duo-Cing to trick the guards into letting them in the temple. When touched by anyone with bad intentions the artifacts control them into believing anything anyone tells them.

Boudica's Helmet- A fire type artifact, one that Shen-Oi theaten to kill Genghis Khan with.

Pope Urban II's Robe- An artifact that controls the user into believing they're the most powerful person in the world.

Warehouse 7 Sections:

Warehouse 7- Underground near the city of Karakorum in a ginormous cave system lies the seventh Warehouse containing infinte wonder. Some artifacts are stored in clay pots with gold rings (apparently the gold contains some of the energy of the artifact). The chancery is where the regents can meet and discuss new artifacts and where new ones pop up in the world. Also contains rooms, scrolls, etc.

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