Peter Landens is a 44 year old man who is the major antagonist in the whole "season"

Life in the Slow LaneEdit

Peter Landens was born on June 12, 1968 in West Virgina in the town of Wenstonville, he was the only child in his family and his parents were the owners of several bed and breakfasts in the area and made loads of money. he had gradutated at the top of his class and got a scholarship for Calvins College and majored in History of Rome and others like that, and lived a mild life. he got a job there at the college but was bored with it. through many years there he was bored with his job so he started a fund with the school to get to excavade roman ruins in Athens. thats when he had found it.

Stumbling on the World of the WarehousesEdit

On the excavade on a ruined anchient house in rome, he had found a scroll that had egyptian hierogyphs and roman letters. knowing he had found something amazing the professor left his team to search where this lead to. as one year passed and hundreds of dollars down the drain he found the entrence to a anchent warehouse. "Warehouse 3"

He finally learned about the reason this place was here after excavading the ruins. and found leading clues about the next warehouse was at and became more and more greedier as he found more of the ruined and decaying warehouses until he stopped at the thirteenth warehouse. he knew how much power there was if someone where to control the warehouse. but he didnt know how to get in, but this name popped up on every warehouse document in its history Renson. this was oppertunaty to get in the warehouse if this desendent existed. it did exist so he used an artifact, McCoy's Spitoon to control him and as time went on he found out his special gift to control the warehouse an take over using the sacrifice of the Three Artifacts to become caretaker. but his plan was destroye along with his life and was sent away to guantanamo bay as punishment.