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Story SummaryEdit

Pete, Myka and Steve go to Flordia to investigate recent bombings where afterwards the people hearing it hear planes taking off. Nick and Claudia help Artie with reshelving the artifacts, but theres a different plan, they find remains of one James assistent dead in one of the aisles.

Mentioned ArtifactsEdit

Main Artifact for Pete, Myka and Steve:

Air Raid Siren From Pearl Harbor - Cranking the crank to the siren creates phantom Japanese fighter pilots that can become real. Collected by Pete, Myka and Steve collected by this artifact after there were bombings in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Bob Ross' Palette - Allows the user to paint real landscapes, so real that the objects painted inside the picture come to life within the painting and move. Was being re shelved by Artie, Claudia and Nick in the aisle where they keep artifacts that protains to landscape creation. Until they found the body of Martha Gray in the Warehouse.

Alexander von Humbolt's Fern - Preserved in a glass case, the fern can reconfigure man-made structures back into a natural primal state. Contained in the aisle that protains to landscape creation.

John Wesley Powell's Canoe- Splashing water against the canoe can create a river that spans throughout the surroundings of the canoe. Contained in the aisle that protains to landscape creation.

Richard Owen's Bayonet- Used by MacPherson to kill her partner after he collected the Phoenix. Turns blood into embalming fluid.

Jimi Hendrix's First Electrical Guitar- (Note this is not the 1967 Finsberry Park Guitar) Collected by Artie in the late 1980s, Hooking it up to a amp, causes the surrounding area to appear and phase as a psychedelic image that makes your thoughts heavy and often leads to parts of the brain shutting down. Set by MacPherson to stop Artie, Nick and Claudia from following his footsteps.

The Phoenix- Collected by James.

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