Second episode of 'Moths Shall Play'

Episode SynopisEdit

After their first mission, the teens slowly get into the idea of collecting artifacts, but are challenged when members of the Spainish government begin vanishing and re-appearing as golden statues. 

Upon arrival in Spain, the agents are able to track down Henan Cortez's Espada Ropera that a corrupt government agent was using on his enemies with the help of Tyler's Origin ability.

Upon returning to the Warehouse, Leena muses about the sudden appeances of several weaponry artifacts across the globe, wondering if they're all connected or not.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Hernan Cortez's Espada Ropera - Increases the user's charisma & greed, when it inflicts a wound to a person, it causes the victim to transmute to gold.

Sabine Sound Pistol - The main sidearm of the H.A.R.P. Consultants; used by Bri and Matt

Prototype NERF Maverick - Darts fired from it hit with the force of a bullet

Robert Bullock's Gavel - When struck against an object, all the sound is sucked out of the surrounding area and released in a powerful soundwave

Giovanni Malatesta's Gloves - Heat up to a hellfire temperature,capable of melting metal in a heartbeat

Sacagewea's Indian Peace Medal - Gives the wearer instant knowledge of the surrounding area, but are forced to speak Shashone

Original Skeleton Key - Unlocks any tumbler-based lock; used by Bri to start the get-away car after Matt and Tyler destoryed the other doors she could have used them on.