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Peter Landens has got the warehouse surrounded in an attempt to control the warehouse and keep the artifacts to himself using Nicks' unique bond with the warehouse as a means of controlling the warehouse. Peter also sets off a nuclear device that threatens the town of Univille, they must stop the artifact from controlling Nick before Mrs.Fredrick is killed by Peter.

Artifact MentionedEdit

No Main Artifacts just Awesomeness:

Bessus' Crucifix- An artifact Peter threatened to kill Mrs. Fredric with.

Vitruvius' Ballista- Automatically targets and shoots those within a 100ft reach. Deactivates by removing the springs inside.

Jar of Shiva- An automation artifact that activates when said " I am the destoryer of worlds" in a Hindu dialect, a nuclear device that counts down and when the jars lid opens it releases a nuclear sized explosion that kills all that gaze at its explosion. Deactivated by Claudia.

Robert Oppenheimer's Desk Lamp - Absorbs Nuclear Energy.

Marie Curie's Vial of Radium Salt- Absorbs Nuclear Energy.

Enrico Fermi's Leather Shoes - Absorbs Nuclear Energy.

Alexander the Great's Ashes- Used by Peter Landens to take control of Warehouse 13.

Antipater's Helmet- Used by Peter Landens to take control of Warehouse 13.

Steel Girders From Warehouse 12- Used by Peter Landens to take control of Warehouse 13.

Torii from Nagasaki - Protects anything that touches it from massive amounts of explosion and radiation. Used in case Claudia couldn't save Univille.

Arthur Wynne's Photo Book- A family photobook that when looked into turns the mind into a puzzle that can only be solved with cheating. Used to free Mrs. Fredric's mind for the take over of the Warehouse.

Ernest Lehmann's Captain Hat- The artifact increases the users internal temperature to the point of human combustion. Used to almost kill Mrs. Fredric.

Butch Cassidy's Revolver- The bullet can be controlled by the user when shot from the barrel. Used by Pete to stop Peter from using the monocle.

Carl Sagan's Molecular Distortion Device and Demolecular Solution Fluid- The MDD is a small pin like device that works on a molecular level to delude molecules and allow other molecules to pass through. Using the fluid by making a big circle permits only the molecules in the circle to delude. Used by Artie and Myka to get into the Warehouse.

Johannes Diderik van der Waals's Gloves- Can attract objects to glove when worn.

Linda Lovelace's Bathing Suit - Can make a woman become attracted to any man she sees. On the aisle that the gloves were on.

Ann Corio's Bra- An artifact mentioned by Pete when he passed the bathing suit. Makes women strip when worn by the onlooker.

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