Fifth episode of Season 3 of 'Moths Shall Play'


Sent to collect ABBA's Champagne Glasses and Donna Summer's Blouse, Tyler and Bri break into National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame.  As they near the artifacts, they activate; the glasses giving off a faint number of 'Dancing Queen' while the dress shimmers, sending colored light across the room.  This suddenly gives way to them passing out.

Waking up, they find themselves in what they think is a retro nightclub, but after they notice their attire has ben discofied, they realize that they've been shot back in time to 70s in the Xenon Disco.  Figuring out that the other artifacts had triggered a third in the room, the also discover they can't leave the club.  Deciding to wait it out and make the most of it, the agents are forced into one of the biggest nights in the club's history.

Little do they know, there's a person waiting for them, and it'll show just how far back the Sol Invitcus goes...


  • Xenon Dancefloor
  • ABBA's Champagne Glasses
  • Donna Summer's Blouse