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Story SummaryEdit

Mass amounts of disappearances plague a New York neighborhood around the East Village. As this strikes odd for some, the warehouse agents think that an artifact is involved. Artie plans to find out what Nick is planing.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Winslow Homer's Boat Cleat- Taken off of his boat in Maine, this gave him the inspiration to paint marine themed paintings. Has the power to change the molecules and allow anything touching to pass into canvasses and paintings. Used by a lousy artist to make him famous using his neighbors as the artwork.

Mentioned Artifacts and Gadgets:

Pablo Picasso's Chisel- Enables the user to talk and interact with paintings. Artie told Pete it was already in the Warehouse.

Edvard Munch's Original Painting of " The Scream" - This artifact is in the art gallery next to Dali-7439M where art type artifacts are stored. Emitting a pitch higher then 7 will activate this artifact, blasting out super sonic waves that can rupture your eardrums and leave you depressed.

Brad Anderson's Dog Collar- Artifact located in the Dali aisle, said it can make the wearer speak to animals but also make you colorblind.

Adolf Hitler's Colored Pencils - Effect Unknown. In the Dali aisle.

Robert Ripley's Safari Hat - Using the hat can give the wearer amazing drawing skills, every drawing becomes twisted and weird looking.

Charles M. Schulz's Airbrush- Effect Unknown. In the Dali aisle.

Norman Collin's Tattoo Gun- Owned by an artist nicknamed Sailor Jerry, a major artist in the 50s for tattooing sailors. Anyone tattooed from the gun can let the tattoo animate and attack those touching it. In the Dali aisle.

Massive Color Wheel- Effect Unknown. Artie told Claudia not to touch it.

Willam Etty's Blank Canvas- When unrolled and open, it sucks in all clothing and disintegrates them. In the Dali aisle.

Tex Avery's Glasses- Can alter perception and make everything the user sees animated in the style of Loony Toons cartoons. In the Dali aisle.

Mandala Tapestry- Owned by a Turkish king in the 6th century, effects unknown. In the Dali aisle.

Warehouse Neural Filtration System-Created by Claudia Donovan as a way for Mrs. Fredric to lock on to Nicks connection to the Warehouse. Made from a few softwares on the brain, a MRI and the wheel from Hawkings wheelchair.

Steven Hawking's Wheelchair- Used by Hawking in the 80s. Can increase mental power but damages the muscular system. Wheel can be detached and used without downside.

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