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Story SummaryEdit

An artifact causing a bit of a disturbance in Virgina gets the gangs attention, also Artie trys to find work for the new warehouse employee Nick Renson.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Sun Tzu's Dao Sword- Used by the general and inspired him to write The Art of War, when a victim of the artifact is effected, the artifact can give them an increased knowledge on military tactics and an thirst for war & killing, also with the extreme power of persuasion. Affected a Pacifist Museum curator and turned him into a rebel.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Blaise Pascal's Calulator- An artifact mentioned by Artie as one to figure out complicated problems by unlocking a portion of the brain.

Samuel Colt's Gun Barrel- Artifact that fell on Arties head.

Raphael's Blank Canvas- One of the artifacts that fell on Arties head.

Voltiare's Cello- One of the artifacts cataloged on the monitor.

Original Dorchester Pot- One of the artrifacts cataloged on the monitor.

O-yoroi Armor- An artifact mentioned.

Mark Twain's Pen - Used by Samuel Clemens to write "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". Wielding the pen causes the user to have an increase in imagination, then causes them to become very bitter at the human race. Mentioned artifact in the changing of the mindset.

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