A story by Wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

An artifact disturbance calls up the warehouse team to Dallas, Texas during a chili cook off. Where the chili isn't only big thing here. The contestants find out that they are gaining weight extremely fast, so Pete and Myka go to find the artifact that is involved. Artie finds out that James is stakeing a heist to steal the other medallion.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

William Taft's Bathtub Valve- When touched the artifact causes the users body to produce extreme amounts of body fluid. If not pumped out of the body it cause internal organs to shut down. Accidentally activated by the team from Bedbath and Beyond.

Medallion that James wants to steal:

Simurgh Medallion- When used with the five others it allows the users soul to regerate into an supreme being. By itself it can control the direction of fire.

Mentioned Artifacts:

György Dózsa's Crown - Sitting hat on head creates an infectious burn that peels off skin and melts organs while victim is still alive. Used by James to kill the curator of the museum the medallion was being held at.

Humphrey Bogart's Cigarettes- When one is lit, smoke from the cigarette turns into pheromones that attract people to the user or the one the smoke is blown at. Artie Mentioned Offhandedly to Claudia and Nick.

Adolf Fredrick's Cutlery - Mentioned Artifact by Artie on the Farnsworth.

Nathan Hale's Noose - When in use the artifact strangles the victim in mid air until the question the user asked or it entangles the user and tightens its grip on the throat. Used by James MacPherson.

Elephant Candle Holders - A set of black and red candle holder that when lit it causes anyone bathed it its light to experience the weight of an elephant on their chest. Taking the candle holders and putting out the two lot ends simultaneously will cancel the effect. Set as a trap by James assistant.

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