Story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

Myka and Pete fly across to the Netherlands to see about a seemingly good Christian boy suddenly turned to a devious cult leader. Claudia is stuck doing inventory so she decides to speed up the process using artifact augmented ways.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Aleister Crowley's Hat and Sacriflcal Knife - This artifact can control the user and makes the victim do terrible things. A bifurcated artifact, it will still effect the user even if the hat or knife is neutralized. Set in the Dark Vault for its devious attributes.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Anton LeVey's Bible- Evil thoughts eminate from the pages, possible artifact mentioned by Artie.

Tommy Johnson's Guitar- Possible artifact mentioned by Artie.

Saddam-Hussein's Beret- Possible artifact mentioned by Artie.

Jesse Owen's Shorts - Increases leg speed, but excessive use can cause extreme exhaustion. Used by Claudia.

Rube Goldberg's Styling Pencil- Can cause massive chain reactions in any form when tipped over or rolled off its neutralizer grid.

Propellers from the Spirit of St. Louis- Effect unknown, but Claudia said it was boring.

Clyde Barrow's B.A.R. Machine Gun- From Bonny and Clyde's crime spree. Shoots by itself when around people. Can be neutralized when clip is set in place.

Heron of Alexandria's Aeolipile - Never stops spinning its wheel, can substitute for clean energy and power anything.

John Pemberton's Tasting Spoon- Turns anything that is stirred with the spoon turns into Coca-Cola.

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