Episode 1 of Season 5 of 'Moths Shall Play'

Plot SynopsisEdit

After their extra two year timeslip, the H.A.R.P. Agents and Blaine Biston are settling back in to the Warehouse, but have been put on a several week break while Blaine settles disputes with Eureka and the others are tested for any long-term effects from their excursion.

Eventually, a ping strikes at a Renaissance Fair after one of the knight actors had their arm lopped off during a sword-fighting exhibition, Nikki and Matt are sent off to Conneticut to investigate.

While there, they investigate the now one-armed knight, but are unable to pull any kind of information on who could've wanted him injured, in fact, the victim was one of the top swordfighters the Renaissance Fair had.

Meanwhile, due to Tyler and Bri's relationship progressing over the extra two years, Escher decides that he needs to step in before their relationship comprimises the team.  As the two are sat down, Escher expresses his concern for them and gives an ultimatum, they either have to cut off their romance, or they have to wear a device that he comissioned from Claudia and Blaine, the Donavan-Blaine Emotional Syncho (D-BES).  Using the recently discovered Zeta Waves, the pendants are designed to cause Tyler and Bri to feel each others emotions in real-time.  With some reluctance, the two accept the conditions of the D-BES.

When another swordfighter loses a leg, Matt and Nikki think they may have a Monthy Python artifact on them, but when they investigate the plate armor that both men were wearing, Nikki notices that the cut marks aren't bent and torn, but rather they're cleanly cut.  This leads them to believe that they're dealing with a sword almost as sharp as the Hojo Masamune.  This theory is shot down when they learn that both incidents used seperate swords.  This causes Matt to consider the blacksmith as a possible suspect.

Tyler and Bri attempt to go about their day wearing the D-BES, but things get challenging.  Examples include when Bri tries to read a steamy romance novel, causing Tyler to exuse himself to the bathroom while at work; or when Tyler sticks his hands into a freezer, Bri's hands chill as she handles a bowl of soup.  While the two start to get frustrated at the device, Escher reminds them that they have to keep wearing it until he thinks they're fully compatable.

As they investigate the Blacksmith, Matt stumbles across the grinding wheel that was used to sharpen several of the swords.  When Nikki followed this up with the blacksmith, he attacked Nikki with a longsword, explaining that the Ren Fair was losing cash fast and that a bit of bloodshed was exactly what the fair needed, and that the new grindstone he bought was his ticket to a better payday.