A Story by Wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

Pete, Myka and Nick go to New York City to investigate a set chain of Earthquakes thats happening through the city and into New Jersey. Steve and Claudia look for a artifact thats causing people to think their Native Americans, In Los Angles.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact for Pete, Myka and Nick:

Samuel Allison's Dark Tinted Goggles - Counting down from 10 to 1, once the user says "1" the artifact creates massive tremors which causes earthquakes. While in use the user becomes radioactive and glows. Used a doomsday cult called "The Last" to stimulate the earths crust and create a massive earthquake and end the world. These goggles were used by Samuel Allison at the Trinity testing site. Collected by Pete, Myka and Nick.

Main Artifact for Steve and Claudia:

James Fenimore Cooper's Arrow Heads- A collection of 20 arrowheads that had been collected by the famous native american romance writer James Fenimore Cooper. Touching or owning on of the arrowheads makes the victims believe they are real Huron Indians and its the mid-18th Century. Discovered after a drugdealer was found scalped and dead.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Trail of Tears Turquiose Ring- "The power of the artifact is not derived from the ring, but from the turquiose stone itself" The ring increases endurance of the wearer. After use, the user can feel starved and extremely tired. Mentioned Native American Artifact by Claudia.

Crazy Horse's Tomahawk - Effects Unknown. But mentioned by Claudia as a Native American artifact.

Davy Crockett's Racoon Skin Cap- Effects Unknown. One Steve said could be the artifact, but Claudia quickly dismissed as it is a artifact but its in the warehouse.

Charles Ricther's Seismograph- Placing the artifact on the ground cancels all seismic activity around the area. Used by Nick to cancel the tremors that were emiting from the Trinity goggles.

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