story by wilesjeffery2152 an N.C.I.S crossover.

Story SummaryEdit

An injured McGee recalls a man with an object that brought him to his knees, he is targeting members of congress. Unbeknownst to Gibbs and the N.C.I.S gang the object is an artifact, Mrs.Fredric calling in the experts of the unknown to D.C. they try to find out the causes before another victim is set in place.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Finn McCool's Shillelagh - An artifact with the ablity to vibrate and control ligaments in the body to make the body shake loose joints out of socket when struck upon the ground or upon the person.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Ansel Adams' Camera - Turns the area where the picture is taken into a wild western type setting with cactuses and rocks. In the warehouse.

Wilhelm Rontgen's Monocle - This artifact can let the user see the inside of a dead body in a x-ray composition, but flashing light in the artifact allows a projection of what the user sees.