A story by Wilesjeffery2152

Story Summary Edit

As James narrows in on the Warehouse, Myka and Nick go to Washington to investigate football players suddenly losing their muscle strength and becoming cowards. Mrs.Fredric, Pete and Artie go to Liverpool, England to a undercover Regent who knows a lead on the last artifact medallion. Steve and Claudia find something shocking that could show where James is hiding his stash of artifacts.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact for Myka and Steve:

Heinrich Himmler's Wristwatch- This artifact enables the wearer of the watch to absorb the strength, courage and stamina of people they touch and use that power for them. After each absorbing the user can become poisoned and sick, leading to arsenic poisoning. Used by Damion Arlan (a school nerd) to absorb the strength of his enemies.

The Last Medallion Artifact, mentioned not found:

Bennu Medallion- The last of the Medallion Artifacts that James wants so he can regain his former form. This artifact by itself can bring birds back to life.

Ramesses I's Headdress- Allows the wearer to use the power of the collected artifacts to regain their former form and become a god. Collected in Warehouse 4

Marty Cooper's Cellphone- Allows user to transmit thoughts through cellular waves. Used by Artie to talk to Myka after he lost his Farnsworth.

Firecrackers- Effects Unknown. One of the artifacts collected by James.

Cornelis Drebbel's Oar- Allows people to stay underwater for three hours, but prolonged use causes the Bends. One of the artifacts that were in the collection of James artifacts.

Louis Vuitton's Suitcase- Effects Unknown. One of the artifacts collected by James.

Catherine de' Medici's Corset- Wearing corset attract people to the wearer and more prone to join the popular crowd. Prolonged use causes the corset to become tighter and tighter and can only can tooken off if it is neutrized. One of the artifacts that were in the collection of James artifacts.

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