A Story by Wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

With James and Peter stopped and taken away, Claudia adjusts to being a Caretaker as Mrs. Fredric and Nick show her the ropes. Finding out about the helmet, Nick talks to Artie, Pete and Myka about another problem, as he is not the only immortal who would strike at the Warehouse. Taking Artie, Pete and Myka to Japan to recover a fellow immortal he met, the gang bring in Xu Fu, the grand soreroer to Qin Shi Huang and is almost as old as Nick (Alexander) but is biologically 45.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

No Main Artifacts:

Sher Shah Suri's Helmet- Nick did not mention the power of this artifact, but did say he knew the owner 500 years ago.

Lazlo Toth's Hammer - Tapping on any statue with hammer results in massive damage to the statue, destroyer of statue is prone to rants of being an biblical figure. Nick was talking about artifacts that could deal a great deal of damage to her and the Warehouse and mention this one off handed.

Joseph Goebbels' Radio- Goebbel would often describe bombings of the Second World War in full detail, this would imbued the Radio with the power to broadcast explostions, no matter what the frequency (Even blends with Farnsworths) it is set on, on any radio. Nick told her about it, because it could be amplified by any artifact it comes in contact with and send the waves to any receving device on the aisles.

Victor Fleming's Clapperboard- Effects unknown. Mentioned to be a artifact that Claudia must watch out because it could cause great damage to the Warehouse.

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