A story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

A woman in Nebraska is using an artifact to turn back time to be with her son, but the thing is that she doesn't know she's stirring up trouble in the process. Steve and Claudia track down a killer bottle in Nashville, Tennessee.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact for Pete and Myka:

L. Sprague de Camp's Theodolite- Enables the user to go back in time and change the past, altering the future and everyone in the vicinity. But this alternate reality only lasts for one day unless you use the artifact again and keep changing it to stay in the alternate reality. If the activator uses the theodolite a second time, everyone and thing they had touch will be erased after they return to the reality. When in use there is a mass amount of lightning.

Main Artifact for Steve and Claudia:

Jack Daniel's Original Whisky Bottle- The bottle was owned by the Tennessee brewer Jack Daniel's. This artifact can make a person drunk instantly and anything poured in the bottle is turned into whisky. But gives the drinker massive amounts of alcohol poisoning in a period of seven hours.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith's Police Badges - Owned by the famous prohibition era alchol detectives. These artifacts will not work with one person, they must work as a team and stay together. Used by Steve and Claudia to find the bottle.

John Walker's Walking Stick- Alcohol artifact.

J. McCullough's Golf Ball- Time Travel related.

Pellegrino Ernetti's Chronovisor- Artie said it works but must have some sort of alignment of an unknown metal. Mentioned by Myka and confirmed by Artie.

Samuel Madden's Letter Opener- Stabbing a person with it sends them a thousand years into the future. Mentioned by artie.

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